Okay, here's a little lesson for my many fans who faithfully read my blog (both of you). When you see the gas prices at $2.85 a gallon and your gauge is on empty, and you think, "Hmmm, I will wait one more day and maybe gas prices will fall back down to $2.70 and I'll fill up tomorrow," think again. More than likely, and I know this from experience, gas prices will be at *gulp* $2.95 a gallon, and then you are on empty and paying out the nose. Then you are mad. Here's some advice – get gas when you need it. Prices aren't predictable.

Piece of advice #2 – always check at more than one place for your gas. Today the first place I saw was $2.95. Then, down the street it was still $2.82. So, fortunately for me it all worked out, but tomorrow may not.

I found these and thought they were humorous. the first one is an oldie but a goodie.  The second is just plain funny.