As I mow our ginormous yard, I have a lot of time to think and ponder things. Random things. Serious things. Random things that become serious things.

For example…whenever I mow I try really hard to make straight rows. I hate to have uneven rows. I go to great lengths to make the rows straight. It looks better, but most importantly, I feel better about it. Today as I mowed I put the finishing touches on my analogy of mowing as it relates to my spiritual life. You see, I think that as I go through my life my goal is to stay on the straight path. So, here you go.

1. To start you have to make one straight row. To do this you have to stop, pick a point in the distance, and focus on it while you drive straight ahead. That row becomes the pattern for your future. You can't just drive randomly and expect to have a straight line. Similarly, in my spiritual life I have to focus on God. When I get too focused on the here and now – what I am going through or what I think is coming up – then I veer off the path and make a mess.

2. As I progress I have to keep looking ahead rather than looking down. If I look down too much I stray from the path and make crooked rows. With God, I have to keep my eyes up rather than becoming too focused on myself.

3. Every now and then I have to stop and make the rows straight again. It never fails that I will hit a bump or a hill or something that throws my rows off. Then I have to stop, find an object in the distance and do another straight row. I often have to slow my life down enough so that I can re-center my life.

Truthfully, I find that my life is a constant series of straightening up and focusing on God, only to find later that I have veered off a little and need to stop and start over. I have faith that in my spiritual life as with my yard, when I get finished the job is done and the small imperfections are not even noticable. I can look back and feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that my work has made a difference.

Now, back to the yard.