Have you ever tried to put yourself in the shoes of the Israelites as they “fought” the battle of Jericho? I wonder what they were thinking on day 5 of their march. They have marched around the city for four days already. They are not totally sure of what will happen, but they keep marching around the city. What is the point? Shouldn’t we be doing something? I just want to fight and get this over with. Surely God wants us to be active rather than passive. We aren’t doing anything to help God.

I can only begin to imagine what it was like toward the end of the seventh day. They have been marching around this huge city all day. They don’t have a plan, they are just walking. It must have seemed futile – a big waste of time. But then, maybe just when they are at their breaking point and starting to doubt Joshua and/or God, the walls just fall down. Just like that. God fought their battle for them, and achieved an overwhelming victory.

I guess my point is that sometimes when I want to fight the looming battle – to jump into the fray and make a difference, God puts His hand on my shoulder and says “Not yet. This one is mine. You just follow me and do what I say. You just keep walking. Even though it may seem that nothing is happening and your actions are futile, your faithfulness will result in a greater victory than you could ever imagine.” So, I keep walking, not knowing what the end result will be, swallowing my prideful rants and my battle plans, eager to engage the enemy but learning patience and trusting in my God. And one day we will look over the ruins of our current situation and give glory to God for His victory.