Okay, I haven’t posted any adoption-type stuff in a long time, because nobody wants to read “Still no news – still waiting – we’re waiting longer – we’ll let you know” every week. But I have to do this.

In case you don’t know, we are in a line based on our LID – our Log In Date. This is the date that all of our paperwork was logged in in China. Our LID is August 11. Every month we get a little closer. Last month they processed all LIDs up until July 22nd. We are all settled in now, assuming that we will get our referral in October and travel in November. But now…

Just when we are resigned to wait yet another month, there is a rumor out of Europe (don’t ask how we are keeping up with these things) that they will process all referrals up until August 15th! Do you know what that would mean? That would mean that possibly as early as this Friday we will know that our referral is coming, and that by Monday we could have a picture and all kinds of information about our Hannah. MONDAY!!! I can’t believe it! It seems unreal that after all this time, we could know what our baby looks like in a week.

Now, this is just a rumor mind you. As with all rumors, we realize that this could not happen. We may still have to wait yet another month, and that will have to be okay. But man, how we want this to be true.