This may not be a shock to any of the rest of you, but I am trying to convince myself of this horrible truth. I think that the devil keeps me in constant turmoil by telling me that I need to be the hero and fix everything. I try to act like one, and I am always frustrated because I can’t fix things.


One of my favorite movies is “Mystery Men.” I love this movie because it tells about five or so people who want to be super heroes. They keep showing up at the crime scenes, but they are ineffective at best and then get shown up by the real hero, “Captain Amazing.” These guys are really second-rate heroes, like “The Shoveler,” “The Blue Raja” (pictured above), and “Mr. Furious.” They mean well, but they can’t seem to make a difference.

I have to remember that God is not dead…He isn’t even missing. He hasn’t been captured by Cassanova Frankenstein. He is alive and well and is working all around me. I may not always be able to make sense out of His plan, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t one. I must be content with my forks or my shovel, waiting for the time that God has prepared for me. I don’t have to save the world. That’s God’s job. Now if I could just be content with that and know how to act while I am waiting, I’d be fine.