Well, it’s here. It was only about two months ago that I blogged about taking the plunge to put our house on the market, and now we are moving. It is a lot to take in, especially since we are taking up temporary residence in an apartment and don’t have a clear picture about where we’ll move then. However, we are learning much about God and trusting Him.

A few weeks ago I preached a sermon about “Overcoming Prosperity.” I made the point that the more prosperous we are, the more connected we are to a material world. This move and the many transitions that accompany it have made that point clear to me. The process of selling things that are meaningful to me, like a beautiful home, and taking up temporary residence has great spiritual lessons to be learned and blogged on a day less busy.

The lesson for today and this week, though, is that God is able to sustain us and give us what we need to accomplish the tasks He sets out for us. I take comfort in God’s timing when He asks me to be patient and wait on some things, but I must find the same comfort when He gives me what seems to be everything at once. After we move I have a week at church camp followed by an impromptu weekend getaway. Whereas for months I have been waiting, now is the time to act, and I am tempted to complain that I am too busy.

So, enough complaining, and back to work. Maybe later I’ll have an opportunity to chronicle my many insights gained while climbing stairs and packing/unpacking/repacking boxes. Until then…