When I was growing up I hated rejection. I probably avoided so many things because I was afraid of being turned down. I defined myself by being accepted, so being rejected was a failure that reflected poorly on me. What I am learning now, however, is that rejection is not a failure. It is an opportunity to go in a different direction.

Actually I have thought about this in terms of following God. I have decided (for now) that following God is a lot like being blind and using a white cane. I saw a blind man with a cane the other day who was walking down the street effortlessly, pausing only briefly at curbs and obstacles. I know that I would seriously hurt myself if I were trying to navigate the same road without the use of my eyes. I have started to think that my role as a Christian isn’t to sit back and do nothing, hoping that God comes in a flash of light. I am to go out and seek a path, using the white cane to test a direction. God is faithful to make us aware of those paths that are not right for us and help us make good decisions.

Among other things, we have experienced this in our efforts to purchase a house. We found one we liked and put an offer on it. They countered, we came back but they stayed. We were a little disappointed, and we wondered if we should proceed even though it was more than we wanted. So we kept looking. A couple of houses later we found another house that we liked and had the same experience. To be honest we started to wonder if we had set our standards too high or our price too low.

clifford-way-home.jpgThen two things happened. First, last night someone in our Home Bible Study looked straight at me and said that God would provide the perfect house at the perfect price – we just hadn’t found it yet. Second, we looked again this morning and decided to look at a house we hadn’t looked at to this point. We drove by it, then called our Realtor and had him come to meet us. When we went in we knew this was it. It is a little farther out than we had originally wanted, but it is close enough while still having the benefits of a quiet neighborhood and a decent sized yard. Best of all, it was exactly at the price that we wanted to pay.

I just am convinced that by allowing us to try several things and experience rejection God was preparing us to recognize the right thing at the right time.  I know that if we hadn’t had the frustration of the previous two rejections that we wouldn’t even have looked at this one. God used rejection to guide us in the right direction. So now we have a contract and should move in in about a month. Hooray!