An update: During our move I didn’t have time to read much, and then my copy of Don Quixote was overdue at the Library, so I had to turn it in. I let it sit for a week and then checked it out again. Surprisingly no one else had checked it out. I just returned to it today, and while I don’t have a lot else to say yet, there is one more part that is very important.

One of the encounters I read stressed to me that despite the fact that Don Quixote is crazy, he really means well. He has a heart for people, and truly wants to help them. On some level his ultimate goal in helping them is so that he can achieve fame, but it is difficult to separate that from his efforts to assist those in need. In applying this, I am reminded that it is easy to categorize people based on their actions alone. Those people who race around like this Man of La Mancha are doing so because they are moved deeply by the needs of others. They are seeking fulfillment, as we all are, through altruism. There are worse ways to seek importance.