I know I haven’t updated in a while, primarily because I am finishing up my youth ministry job (11 more days), starting my new part-time job, and fulfilling my most important job – being a full-time husband and parent. Needless to say I don’t have a lot of time to blog. The only reason I am on now is because I couldn’t resist Starbucks tonight and am up.My plan after my 10-year stint in youth ministry ends at the end of January is to take a 40 day fast from responsibilities. I am burned out, and want to be refreshed, revived and renewed. I want to take time to read, study and pray for me, not for a lesson or sermon. I have allowed myself to become empty, and I must allow God to refill me so I can continue to serve Him in the ways He has planned. I can already tell, although I am busier than I have been in a while, that I am less stressed and more at peace than I have been in a really long time. I am enjoying my Bible study more than I have in a while. I also look forward to writing more – both here and just for myself – so hopefully I’ll be more active.

My lifestyle is changing, and as such there are different things to rant about. Here they are, in no particular order. Also, this list is not at all exhaustive.First, why do the people who make muffin mixes only put enough mix in a package to make 5 muffins? Does anyone even own a 5-muffin pan? I have a six-muffin pan, so what do they expect me to do? Do people only make 5 muffins, or do they just make 6 not-quite-large-enough muffins like I do? The thing is that neither five full-sized muffins nor six size-challenged muffins completely fill my family of four. If Jaycie and Ashley have two each, that leaves one for Hannah and one for me. I don’t want to make another whole batch of muffins, because that would make 10 muffins. Why not add a little mix to the package and say that it makes six muffins? Would that be so difficult? 

While I am on the subject, why do they sell those little paper baking cups in quantities of 75? Unless you make 5 muffins at a time (see above) you are always going to have either 3 baking cups too many. Then you just have 3 baking cups sitting in your cabinet taking up space. The next time you want to make muffins you say “Oh, man, I only have three muffin cups.” so you wait to go to the store, because nobody likes washing muffin tins. Second, I don’t know if anyone saw the UK-Miss. State game last week, but what a rip off! The big guy for MSU is obviously talented, but by my count he had a quadruple double – double figures in points, rebounds, blocked shots and uncalled fouls. Even the announcers admitted that he was getting away with a bunch of fouls, although they shrugged it off as if it was no big deal. Their comment was something to the effect that “when you are as good as he is, the refs are going to let you get away with a few.” Excuse me? Since when is that a basis for our society. Since when are people who happen to be talented and popular allowed a pass when it comes to behavior that is unacceptable for the rest of…um…oh, nevermind. I guess they are right. 

Also on the subject of the UK game – what was with the woman reporter on the sideline? She was awful. I know UK is down this year, but can’t we get some decent announcers? This last game got so bad I actually turned the sound off for the last 10 minutes of the game just so I didn’t have to hear the play-by-play guys. Maybe it is because I am watching more basketball this year, but it seems that they find one thing that a team is doing wrong and that is all they can talk about. They are like a broken record. Why can’t they get somebody who has more than two interesting things to say, give them a microphone and let it go? The other thing that drives me up a wall is the way they want to come up with some cute catch phrase. Dick Vitale can get away with it because he started it. But just because you come up with a name for the best players or the best teams or whatever doesn’t mean you should use it. Let Vitale be Vitale. Be creative, but don’t annoy me. Anyway, just face the face that people aren’t watching the game to hear you anyway. You are to describe the action, not try to impress me with your identification of a city far away from the arena from which a person hits a three-pointer. 

Another thing about watching basketball games is the annoying commercials they have for their other shows. CBS keeps cutting from the game or obscuring the view to tell you about the shows that were too bad to put on the air in the fall but that they are showing now because of the writers’ strike. ESPN just makes up names for their weeks (“Impact Week!” and “Rivalry Week!”) and then shove it down your throat. It just seems that they are more interested in promoting themselves than showing me the ball game. If you put on compelling match-ups, people will watch them. I don’t care if they show me a couple of times, just not 20 times during my game. What would be the harm in turning on a camera, putting out some microphones to catch the crowd noise, and then letting me watch the game?That’s all for tonight. I am sure I’ll be annoyed tomorrow.