It hit me yesterday that this is the week. Barring a really overdue baby, baby Will will be born this week! If this whole process weren’t so surreal, that would probably make me panic. I have a feeling that it won’t be surreal much longer.

When we began this process we did it knowing and trusting that God would sustain us. Looking at it from a purely human standpoint, there is no way we should have agreed to even be considered for this. But we have said “yes” to God and the opportunity He has given us, and we will continue to trust Him throughout.

I realized the other day that we expect God to reward us in big ways for small things. For example, in this situation, we almost want Him to make something happen immediately that will let us know that everything will be okay. We want an immediate sign that we are doing the right thing. We agree to trust God, and we get nervous when we don’t have instantaneous feedback.

Then I am reminded of God’s history. I think of His promise to take care of the Israelites in the wilderness, and how He brought that about. He gave them manna every morning, asking the people to take only what they needed for that day. I can only assume that there were leftovers, and how hard would it have been to leave food on the ground when you weren’t certain about tomorrow? If I had been there, I would have felt better if God had provided all of the manna and quail at the front end. But that’s not the way God works.

I am the type of person who wants to measure it out, plan ahead, and make sure that everybody will have enough. If I have a little of something, I want to stretch it out and use it wisely. I want to be prepared. But God doesn’t work that way. That isn’t really trust. True trust is knowing that God will provide what I need for this day, and then will provide again tomorrow. Faith is accepting God’s blessings for today without worrying about whether He will do it again.

That is the biggest challenge/blessing of this experience. Because of the short timetable for us, we haven’t had the time to think about all of the needs we will have. Because of the tenuous nature of the situation, we have been going a day at a time. We haven’t worried about anything more than what is just in front of us. Goodness knows that is enough. Some of those needs are physical, some are emotional, but all are spiritual.

I bring all of this up because the last few days have been such a blessing. Without going into all of the details, we have seen God at work recently, providing us what we need for right now. We have such a great church family – spanning several congregations – and God has used them to provide the manna that we need for today. From bassinet to baby boy clothes, diapers, bathtub, car seats, gift cards and cash, we have been showered with reminders that God not only is able to provide, but also that He is willing.

This is all very difficult to handle, because as much as we need this manna, we are wholly undeserving. We are humbled that God sees fit to look down on us and, despite our faults and failures, He loves us enough to care for us in this way. We are also amazed at the number of people who reflect His love and have embraced us without question.

We don’t know what the next few days and weeks will bring, but we know that God will continue to work through His people to provide for this baby and for us, one day at a time.