So what is a person to do the night before his son is going to be born? How are we supposed to feel? Should we be more worried or nervous or busy? I know that before Jaycie was born we were obsessive about having everything done – bags packed, room ready, etc. Tonight we made an extra effort to fold all of the clean clothes that were piled on the couch. That’s not totally accurate. Ashley straightened and cleaned the kitchen, and I made a trip to the store for food for the girls and my sister and my nephew, made cookies for the waiting tomorrow. The cell phone is plugged in, the video camera is ready, and we have fresh batteries in the camera, so we are ready to roll.

I’ll be at the hospital at about 9:00, Ashley is going to work as long as possible to save her time off for later in the week. If all goes well, by tomorrow night we’ll have a baby boy.  Yikes!  I assume that at least one of us will be home sometime before Thursday morning, so we’ll post pictures and more info when we can. Thank you all for your encouragement, support, prayers and love. We know that Will is going to have the best family in the world.

If you are praying for us today, I wonder if you can remember my parents. They are flying to Vancouver to begin a 2-week Alaskan cruise to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. My mom is especially torn about leaving on her grandson’s birthday. I just want to pray for them to have a great time and be able to enjoy themselves. They work so hard and do so much for other people, and they certainly deserve this. The timing is just unfortunate.