We made it home, and while it has only been about an hour, Will seems to be taking after me – he is already sleeping in the recliner. The last few days have been quite a roller coaster of emotions, wondering what would happen and not knowing if we would even get this far. Will’s birth parents are wonderful young people who love him very much. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through right now, so we just continue to pray for them. To be honest it makes it a little difficult to be happy for ourselves knowing the pain they must be feeling. No matter what happens Will will know that He is loved.

There are so many people to thank for loving us through this process. We are thankful to Christine and all the staff at Mary Kendall Adoption Agency for their help. They have been so wonderful to work with and have helped us through each stage. Our friend Maggie is a nurse in the nursery and she came in and worked a part of an extra shift to be Will’s nurse after he was born. Our friend Trisha is the social worker at The Medical Center, and she was so helpful as well. I am thankful to whoever at The Medical Center made the decision to have free Douwe Egberts coffee in the nursery waiting room. And of course we are forever grateful to our church family for all of their support. We know that we will be able to lean on them no matter what the outcome of this journey.

Here are some pictures. We didn’t take pictures at the hospital yesterday since someone forgot the memory card for the camera, but we got a few today. We have a cheesy “We’re leaving the hospital” video, but I’m pretty sure we’re not going to post it.