This was going to be a comment on my last post, but it grew. Melanie has given me some stuff to think about. I may get around to it when Will goes to preschool. I have always gotten irritated when people asked me if I was babysitting when I would stay home with Jaycie on my day off. A lady the other day fell over herself to tell me what a great person I was for taking two of my kids to the doctor. I wondered if she tells mothers the same thing. Maybe moms get that, and I am making my own reverse stereotypical assumptions.

I guess the question raised is about the “stay-at-home” thing being legitimized. I understand that to some extent, if only because of some of the comments made to me when I announced my new plan. That plus the questions about what I do all day – I thought that was bad when I was a youth minister. But I wonder why that is. I know that not so long ago the stay-at-home mom was a given. Women were questioned if they went back to work. Now, though, it is the opposite. I can’t figure out why we don’t honor those who stay home with their kids in the same way – realizing their contributions as equal to those who work. I also don’t know why a dad doing it is honored while a mom is taken for granted. Maybe it is the remaining gender stereotypes that we pretend to have eliminated, but that continue to lurk beneath the surface.

Finally (maybe, unless I think of something more to say), I wonder a little about why I keep writing about all of this stuff. Maybe I am a whiner, maybe I need attention. I hope it is because after years of working and seeing the stay-at-home stuff from the outside I am more appreciative of it now. But it is probably because I am a whiner. I also was thinking today that in some ways we are isolated at home. Sure, we go to the store or church or out to eat, but we are always limited to some extent by the tolerance level of our kids. So blogging is like the note in the bottle that we throw into the sea, praying that someone will read it and write back – and so many people have done that. In the same vein, I have found that updating my status on Facebook is like writing with my finger in the sand, all in the hopes of a passing plane or boat or hang glider seeing it. Not that I want to be rescued – maybe I just want to be noticed.

Nope, I was right. That was all.