Maybe it is the sleep deprivation, maybe it is a toddler in the house, or maybe it is just that time passes more quickly as I age, but it doesn’t seem like only three months ago that we were waiting in the hospital for baby Will to be born. The last 13 weeks have been full of ups and downs, questions and answers, crying, pooping, and not much sleep to be had. It has been difficult at times, but I wouldn’t change anything. It was perfect in a way that only God can orchestrate.

Will is such a good baby. He has his moments of frustration when we aren’t quick enough to pick up on his not-so-subtle cues, but overall he seems to be pleased with our progress. He has the cutest smile and is starting to laugh. I can sense that the most difficult part of this process is behind us, and the most fun parts are ahead. He is growing so quickly, and it seems that he soon will be as big as Hannah.

Sometime in the next few weeks we should go to court to finalize the adoption, and what a happy day that will be. The final pieces of Hannah’s adoption were somewhat anti-climactic after the long wait and the trip to China and meeting her for the first time. This time around I think having a ceremony at court will make this all seem like more than just a dream (albeit a very realistic dream involving stinky diapers and bolting out of bed at 2:00 in the morning).

In the absence of a lengthy post about Will’s birth parents, let me say again how much we admire them for their decision. It isn’t just that they chose us – that is just an honor for us. We were able to see first-hand the love that a young couple has for a life that they created, and the intense struggle they endured to do the thing that was best for him, even though it caused them great pain. They really wanted to be his parents, but they decided to give him up. We will forever be mindful of that sacrifice, and as he grows we will be able to tell him over and over about the deep love that his parents had for him.

In other news…Hannah is potty training, I am going to my 20-year high-school reunion next weekend, and Jaycie is learning to play the violin. I love my life and am thankful for all that God has done for us. We have some decisions to make, but we are showing uncharacteristic patience and God is providing guidance just like we knew He would.

It’s been three hours, and somebody wants a bottle. Gotta’ go.