It seems like this is about all I do these days, but I rarely seem to have time to do more, and then I choose to rest or eat rather than blog. But there are some things going on in our lives, and I want to document them and let people know I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

First on the family front – we have an adoption day! October 22nd is the big day. In the meantime Will is doing great – except for the whole “It is 2:00 a.m. and since nobody is doing anything I think I want to eat” thing. I was trying to do the nighttime stuff so Ashley could get sleep, but a person can only do that so many days in a row. Otherwise he is happy and healthy. He is smiling all the time and is starting to coo and gurgle a lot more. He is such a blessing and a gift. Hannah got her cast off and has quickly readjusted to using two hands. Her speech has progressed to conversational level, and she amazes me every day.

For me personally, I just had my 20-year high school reunion. It was good to go back and see people I grew up with. Ashley was a trooper – anchoring the spouse table for part of the time but mingling with everybody the rest of it. Some people were about what I expected, but there were some nice surprises – people I didn’t click with in high school but seem to connect with now. It was surreal to go there, because I don’t think I have changed much in some ways, but when thrust back into that situation I realize just how much I really have changed. There is much more there, but I’ve got a book-reading date when Sesame Street goes off.

The big change upcoming is my job. We have made decisions all along based on some assumptions, some of which have not yet panned out. For some time we have known that something needed to change, and just didn’t know what that was. Some days I was going to go back to full-time, and applied for some jobs accordingly. Some days I just needed to get another part-time job, and most days we just didn’t know. Through it all we just tried to be patient, knowing that God would lead us to the right change, but He probably wasn’t going to give us a preview. When it was time, it would become clear. Just when it seemed that we were at our breaking point, God provided us with some assurances in Ashley’s job and some indicators that my position was the one that needed to change. In God’s perfect timing, I was able to get an interview and a job offer at a local (and by local I mean right around the corner from our house) adolescent psychiatric hospital. It is flexible and offers possibilities for growth as our family grows. I hate leaving the Family Enrichment Center, but I trust that God knows what is best.

Gotta’ go. I can’t take the crying anymore.