Of course the main reason I haven’t been blogging much lately is the kids. Will is just now – at 6 months old – starting to sleep mostly through the night. During the day there seem to be few times that they both sleep at the same time, and during those times – which would be prime blogging times, I try to lay down as well. Hannah is taking to most Playhouse Disney shows – including the Imagination Movers – which explains why I am posting now.

Will is growing like gangbusters. At 6 months he is already wearing 12 month clothes, wearing the same size diapers as Hannah and has outgrown the carseat carrier. I am afraid he has irreparably bent the bouncy seat loaned to us when he was born. He is such an easy baby, which is good news for him because he is getting the short end of the attentive parenting stick. Of course, Hannah makes up for our attention by getting in his face and trying to make him laugh.

Hannah is amazing. She has this huge personality in this little body, and it is a blessing to watch her grow day by day. She is so smart and is learning so much. It was just over a year ago that we had an evaluation by the First Steps program because we were concerned about her language development. Ha! Now I don’t think there is anything she can’t say. She comes to visit me at Barnes and Noble and orders her own Strawberry Frappucino. She is able to tell people that her birthday is January 17th. It cracks me up when she uses the word “also” correctly. She knows the alphabet song and many others. I am posting a couple of videos of her singing Christmas songs for your holiday enjoyment. I’m sorry that they are so dark.