After a long period of slacking off, I am working to get back into the habit of studying my Bible on a regular basis. I was somewhat torn about what to read, and decided to read John again. I got to the second chapter and the account of Jesus going to the temple and, finding it a “place of business,” made a whip and drove out all those who were taking the focus away from worship. Obviously I have read this many times before, but always with the focus on our church buildings. I have been convicted that we must avoid the “business” of church and focus instead on worship.

While I still think that is true, on this reading I looked at it a little differently. If it is true, as we believe, that our body is the Lord’s Temple, shouldn’t we be concerned to make sure that we are focused on worship and not on the business of the world? Aren’t I more concerned sometimes with my financial state or my job or my house repairs than I am with worship? Doesn’t that explain why I haven’t been studying recently, choosing instead to attend to the myriad of things that constantly demand to be done (even though they never get finished).

So the question that haunts me today is this: If Jesus came into my life, what would He see that would make Him so mad that He would drive them out with a whip? What have I added to my life that takes my focus away from worshipping God?

Before someone smarter than me responds to correct me, I have also heard the thought that the “body” described as the temple of God actually refers to the people who make up His Church. I can buy that, and the same principle applies. But Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is only so long, and therefore my time also is limited. That is another topic for another day.