p1030034.JPGI am a Christian. I am still learning to put those words into a position of preeminence in my life, but it is the beginning of who I am. I am also a husband and father, and I have been blessed so much more than I deserve.  God has revealed His love to me in stages – first through the love of commitment as I chose my wife and decided to love her no matter what and she has made the same commitment to me. Second He gave me the gift of the love I have for a daughter who was born to us naturally, and then through the love I have for an adopted child. I am thankful every day that God has allowed me to see Him in these ways.

As to what I do, I am a new stay-at-home dad. While this provides its challenges, it is immensely rewarding. In my spare time I love spending time with my family, drinking coffee, working on Sudoku puzzles, and cheering for the UK Wildcats (basketball), the Tennessee Titans and whoever is on my Fantasy Football team.