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Here are some things that I was thinking while making fresh sourdough bread:

“I sure do love making bread.”
“I should do this more often.”
“The kids are all being so quiet. How nice.”
“What a great day this is.”
“What a great dad I am.”

What I should have been thinking while making bread:

“Hmmm. Sure is quiet. I should go check on things.”
“Is it possible that the bathroom door is still open?”
“Do you think Will could possibly get hold of a whole tub of Vaseline?”
“I wonder if Will could get the top off of the tub of Vaseline?”
“What kind of huge mess could a one-year-old make if he were to get the top off of a tub of Vaseline?”
“How long will it take me to clean up the mess made by said one-year-old if he not only got the top off of the Vaseline but got gobs of it on his hands, smeared it on the floors and cabinets in the bathroom, and then walked into the living room?”


We are at the point – maybe a little late, but better late than never – of giving Jaycie an allowance. We want to teach her about responsibility, savings, giving, etc. However, I also want to be realistic as she is only 9. I want her to have to pay for things so she will be motivated to save and we won’t have to build a Webkinz hotel adjacent to our house. I guess I am wondering if anyone has advice/ideas/guidance for us. What have you done that has worked or not worked? Thanks in advance.

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