Jaycie is doing so well. She is in the 4th grade now, and is so grown up I can hardly believe it. She has experienced so much during the last year or so, and has emerged as a fine young lady. I am constantly amazed by her. She comes out with phrases that surprise me – things like “She stormed out of the room.” Her vocabulary is amazing. Of course, she is really into The Jonas Brothers, who now have joined Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana on “my” iPod.

I think 4th grade is much more difficult for Jaycie. She has been able to listen in class and do well without having to work. Now that she is having to work at it, however, I find that I am not much help. I act like I want her to do it on her own, but truthfully I don’t know the difference between chloroplasts and chlorophyll, or the two categories that make up a scientific name.

Of course, Jaycie is an excellent big sister. I get so much joy from watching her play with Will or with Hannah, and I know that while she has missed out by gaining not just one, but two siblings, but she has gained so much in return. I also am surprised by the intensity of the emotions I feel when I see the depth of her love for her siblings.